The heart of the Champagne region in the charming city of Epernay, is also the beating heart of Victor & Charles. Our grapes are hand picked at the end of each summer on the hills around Epernay. Our vineyards in the cru’s of Damery, Grauves, Mancy and Hautvillers, secure us only the highest quality juice each vintage, to guarantee us a great wine to start with. We achieve the highest standards in production and respect the traditional art of making high-end champagnes. A part of our vinification is in oak barrels which ensures another dimension on the pallet. Once fermentation is complete our bottles rest in our cellars in Epernay for at least 3 years before disgorgment. We create our own yeasts and our own liqueur de dosage. With a tiny production each year of only 24.000 bottles, we choose only the finest clientèle. Boutique wineshops who are proud to present our Champagnes to their customers and we present our cuvées to the Chefs and Sommeliers of the finest restaurants. All this, as a mission, to honour my father Charles and his grandfather Victor.