Cuvée Karma

Cuvée Karma

'Raise your glass to KARMA. To whatever goes around and comes around. To winning and losing. To crying and laughing. To dating with destiny and bowing to fate.'

Raise your glass to Karma...

Raise your glass to Karma...

Raise your glass

The Story

On his bucket list was the ambition for his own 'Cuvée de prestige' said Filip, owner of Victor & Charles: “I wanted to market the most beautiful bottle of champagne ever made. Not only the outside had to be perfect, but also the contents.

But at least as eye-catching is the bottle that contains the champagne. A real diamond has been incorporated into the Victor & Charles logo. The exclusive champagne was named 'Karma';. This symbolism is woven into the entire project. There are only 1,000 pieces of Karma available.”

Just 1.000 bottles available

There are only 1,000 pieces of Karma available.” This cuvée will easily continue to evolve nicely in bottle for

10 years. Each bottle of KARMA is assembled according to traditional methods, comes in a numbered luxury gift box, containing a personal message, a booklet with all information about the champagne and the vintage. Each case also contains a diamond ID certificate issued by the High Council of Diamonds. 

Champagne cuvée Karma

Cuvée Karma

The result is a nice blend of 60% Chardonnay and 30% Pinot Noir and 10% Pinot Meunier. It is a Millésime 2015 that has been kept as pure as possible after a long period in our cellars. It has therefore become a 'Dosage zero'. That means it contains less than 3 grams of sugar per litre. A unique feature in the cuvée de prestige segment.
Victor & Charles cuvée Karma champagne_cuvee_karma diamond

The diamand Cuvée

The best cuvée deserves only the best. Bright. Transparent. Cuvée Karma features a real diamond. At the lotus is a diamond from Antwerp. A real diamond. A diamond with diamond ID certificate. It symbolizes the connection between Antwerp and the champagne region. It symbolizes Victor & Charles. It symbolizes purity.

Presale (until December 10, 2021)

The first bottles have been ordered through the presale. Unfortunately the presale is closed. You can no longer order bottles in the presale.




Christmas sale (until 750 bottles)

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We start with the sale of the last unique bottles!

Victor & Charles cuvée Karma
€ 549,-

Less then 250 bottles left...

Ideal for investors. Buy one of the last bottles as an investment. Keep this bottle up to 10 years.
Buy this bottle as wine enthusiasts. The first batch of the best cuvée ever made.
Drink Karma at a select group of gastronomy or buy a bottle for your loved one. Delivery is before Valentine's Day.

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